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Specialty Moving Services

Every move has at least one challenge or aspect which is worrisome. Maybe it is your grandmother’s antique china, or maybe you have a boat you need shipped. Whatever it is, you can depend on Spring Movers to find a solution. We offer a variety of specialty moving services from experts in the industry.

Specialty Packing and Crating Services

The biggest concern people have when moving is whether their belongings will make it to the destination in one piece. Even with our air-suspension moving trucks and careful movers, it is still very important to pack fragile items well so they don’t risk getting broken. Our standard packing services are suitable for most fragile items. We have specialty moving boxes, including reinforced boxes and packing materials like bubble wrap and tissue paper to keep items safe. In addition to our standard packing services, we offer custom crating services. Certain fragile, valuable, or large items might be best crated, such as chandeliers. You get to keep the custom crates in case you ever need to move the item again.

Vehicle Shipping Services

Many families in Spring, Texas have two or more cars. We understand that you don’t always want to drive these cars separately; it is more enjoyable to turn the move into a family road trip and drive all together to the new home. Or maybe you are moving across country and would rather fly than spend days driving. We can make sure your vehicles arrive to your new home quickly and safely with our reliable vehicle shipping services. When you take into consideration the cost of gas and hotel rooms along the way, it can even be cheaper to ship your vehicle than drive it when moving.

Boat Shipping Services

Our teams are familiar with all of the practices related to boat shipping services. We take care of preparing the boat for shipping, voyage insurance, marina and port permits, licenses, loading and unloading, sail schedules, and boat shipping tracking. Depending on the size of your boat, it may be possible to ship the boat over land. However, each state has its own regulations about the size of boats which are allowed to be transported on their roadways. We will explain your boat shipping options to help you make the right choice.

Moving Storage Services

A common problem with moving is that you can’t always move into the new residence right away. What are you supposed to do with all your belongings while waiting for move in day? The solution is to put your belongings in temporary storage during the transition period. We have storage facilities in Spring, Texas and also connections with reputable storage facilities around the USA. On move-out day, your belongings will be loaded onto the moving truck and driven to the storage facility where they will be unloaded. When you are ready to move into your new home, our movers go back to the storage facility to load the belongings and deliver them to new home. The storage facilities we use are clean, secure, and weatherproof. We can also help with solutions for climate controlled storage for sensitive items.

Furniture Disassembly and Reassembly

It is generally recommended that you disassemble all your large furniture for moving day. It helps us fit more items in the moving truck, and also helps keep your furniture safe from scratches and nicks. But taking apart all that furniture can be difficult, especially when you’ve already packed your tool box! Let us handle this aspect of moving for you. Our movers always arrive ready with a full set of tools for taking apart furniture. We do this very quickly and use methods to keep track of small parts. Once at your new home, we can make the move-in process easier by quickly reassembling your beds, sofas, bookshelves, and other furniture.

Rigging and Craning Services

Do you have a large armoire which won’t fit up the stairs of your new home? Large items can sometimes be problematic but we have the solutions. Often large items can be rigged and lifted with cranes so they can be moved in through an upstairs window or balcony.

Tips for Scheduling Specialty Moving Services

If you haven’t moved before, then the entire experience can be a big surprise for you. There may be some specialty moving services that you don’t even realize you require, such as for moving a pool table or piano. It is important that you schedule a moving estimate in person at your home or business. The moving agent will look at your belongings and note whether any items might be complicated to move or require special care. It helps to create an inventory of large and fragile items you own before the moving agent comes over so you can make sure the moving agent doesn’t miss anything.

Remember to measure everything long before moving day! This includes furniture items, doorways, hallways, entranceways, elevators, stairways, and windows. If a certain piece of furniture is too large to fit out of or into your home, then a solution will need to be found. Talk to us about it. We offer services like rigging and craning, as well as furniture disassembly. There is no problem too big or small for us to handle and there is always a solution.

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