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Packing and Wrapping

If you’ve ever moved before, you know what a hassle packing for the move can be. You have to get all of your belongings into boxes and make sure fragile items are carefully wrapped so they don’t break. You will also want to make sure that all boxes are carefully labeled by room so unpacking goes smoothly. Packing might not seem like a big job, but it can be really tough to pack while still living in your home.

With our professional packing and wrapping services, your move can go much smoother. We get everything packed up for you the day before the move so you can continue life as normal and worry about more important things.

Partial Packing Services
We know that many people like to do a lot of the packing themselves. This is perfectly fine with us! We have partial packing services which are tailored to your needs. You can pack up as much as you’d like and then have us come in the day before the move (or even the day of the move) to pack up the remaining items. You might opt for other solutions, such as having us pack up just your kitchen (which is notoriously hard to pack) or certain fragile items like vases, china, and antiques. During your free moving consultation and estimate, a moving agent will explain your options and how much you can expect partial packing services to cost based on your individual needs.

Full Packing Services
For people who don’t want to worry about packing at all, we can do it all. We have teams of professional packers who know just how to safely pack up belongings so they stay organized and safe during the move. All of our packers have gone through background checks and are highly skilled at what they do. A team of our packers can get an entire family home packed up in a matter of hours, instead of days or weeks. Packing services are charged on an hourly rate, plus additional fees for specialty services like custom crating.

Unpacking Services
If you are moving locally in the Spring, Texas area, we can help you with unpacking services. We make sure your items are unpacked exactly to your specifications. Just provide us with a floor plan of your new home with how you’d like your furniture. For smaller items like items on shelves, our packers can even take photographs of your old home setup and replicate it at your new home.

Professional Packing Materials
One of the benefits of using our professional packing services for moving is that you won’t have to get boxes and other packing materials on your own. We give our customers a choice between using brand-new boxes or gently-used boxes.

Furniture Disassembly and Reassembly
Large furniture needs to be taken apart so it can fit out of doors and into the moving truck easily. In many cases, disassembling furniture also helps keep it safe from damage during the move. Our movers are very efficient when it comes to furniture disassembly and can even do it quickly on moving day. At your new home, we will reassemble furniture and set it up exactly where you want it so your first night in the new home will already be comfortable with beds, sofas, and other furniture in place.

Custom Crating
Have a fragile item that you are wondering how to pack? We can help ensure your precious items are safe during the move by having custom crating made for them. Some items which may need custom crating include antiques, chandeliers, large mirrors, and framed objects.

Packing Services for Business Relocations
Don’t let your business suffer from unnecessary downtime during the relocation. With our professional packing services, your entire business can be packed up in a matter of hours and quickly moved. We offer flexible packing services around your schedule, so moves can even be done during off hours such as weekends so your staff can start work in the new location on Monday morning. We specialize in office packing, including electronics packing, file packing, and office furniture and cubicle takedown/assembly.

Tips for Using Packing Services
  • Even if you don’t think you will use packing services, get an estimate from the moving agent when he/she comes over. This will help you budget just in case you need help with packing some items last minute.
  • Take an inventory of fragile items or items you think will be difficult to pack, such as large framed mirrors or paintings. Give this list to the moving agent so you can get an estimate on partial packing services.
  • Pack suitcases and an essentials box with all the things you will need for at least 3 days in the new home. Make sure to set these aside and tell the packers so they do not get packed.
  • Schedule packing services for the day before moving day. Remember that you should schedule your move well in advance because time slots can get filled up fast, especially in the summer or at the end of the month!
  • Decide which items you want to pack yourself. Some people prefer to pack up their own personal items, such as undergarments. If this is the case, make sure you pack them before the professional packers come over, or set them aside and tell the movers not to pack them.
Ready to get your free moving quote?
We offer free quotes on all of our moving services. Packing services are prices on an hourly rate which varies depending on how many packers are needed and the amount of packing materials used. Our rates are fair and save you time and hassle, which is why we aren’t shy about giving honest free estimates on packing services. Contact us today and a friendly agent will schedule a moving estimate at your convenience. We look forward to hearing from you!

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